LSEG Product Information for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


The documents below contain Article 28 information on LSEG products and services.


  • Where LSEG acts as a data processor, the Matrix below contains information on the subject-matter, types of personal data and categories of data subjects. The nature, purpose and duration of processing will be as set out in our agreement with you.
  • The matrix also sets out products in relation to which LSEG acts as a controller, or alternatively, neither a processor or controller.


Certain products and services may have their own specific product information document, where this is the case you will find Article 28 information in that document. Specific product information documents are linked below.


For information about the subprocessors, please click the link to the right and follow the instructions to sign in or create an account to view information on subprocessors here.


In the event that you cannot find information for a particular product or service, please contact us via