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Eikon Administration


Locked out? Learn how to get a reminder and reset or change your password.


This learning provides a step by step guide for FXT Corporate Administrators on how to use the screens that reside under the Transactions Account menu, which is one of the menu options available in the Eikon Admin Services UI.


This module includes the following topics:

  • Creating and Modifying a User
  • Changing a User’s Password
  • Checking User Permissions
  • View Permissions, Products and Add-ons
  • Viewing a User’s System Test Results
  • Using the Accounts Page
  • Custom Reports
  • Creating and Adding members to a New Group

Learn about the 2-Step Verification administration functions in Eikon Administration Services ( for IT managers or administrators

This user guide includes the following topics:

  • How to check what users are setup with FXT at a location - along with the Dealing Desks/Dealer IDs
  • How to setup payment instructions for currencies supported by Dealing - to appear in the my pay/paycode dropdown in the FXT Ticket editor
  • How to check what IP addresses have been whitelists for a location – and update accordingly.

The document records the frequently asked questions regarding the new Eikon Administration Services interface.

A quick getting started guide to introduce the main functionalities that admin users can find in the new interface of Eikon Administration Services, including resetting password, downloading usage report, checking product permissions...etc.

This quick reference guide provides Corporate Administrators with a summary of how to access the suite of secure, user-friendly, web-based Administration Services in order to troubleshoot common entitlements issues, view results of workstation system tests, access past reports, reset passwords and set up and manage groups of users.

This document provides a step-by-step guide for Corporate Administrators when using Eikon Administration Services and is supported by more comprehensive documentation available in the Administration Services online help page.