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scheduled expert led training

DACS 6.x Administration (Course Outline)

TREP: Concepts & Maintenance (Course Outline)

TREP: Concepts Maintenance & Installation (Course Outline)

REP: Advanced Features and Capabilities Part 1 (Course Outline)


TREP: Advanced Features and Capabilities Part 2 (Course Outline)


Describes the general capabilities of the VisionMETRIX Portal. Terminology: clarifies and expands on the terminology used in VisionMETRIX, including “Circuit End-Points”, “Domains”, “Class of Service (COS) Object”, and “Breach Report”


Accessing VMX: describes the SSO access capability using the EIKON Account. Welcome Page: overview of the main entry page with its general News notifications window. User Account Settings: overview of the key settings for the User Account, including Timezone, Default Level and Domain. Menu and Navigation Bars: overview and navigation through the available menus and related navigation bars, including Circuit Manager, Report Manager, Overview Domain, etc. Also covered is the ability to search through the Domains and Circuits


One of the core components of VisionMETRIX, Circuit Manager provides a detailed view into your Circuits, including Circuit details, health, condition, performance and utilization graphs, etc.


The other core component of VisionMETRIX, Report Manager, allows you to Subscribe to recurring deliveries of the CoS Breach Report, and to select content, execute, and visualize the CoS Breach Report.

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