Refinitiv Workspace Training For Students


Learn how to use Refinitiv Workspace and make the most of its data and news content


Discover how Refinitiv Workspace can offer a step change in workflow, functionality and performance 


Learn how to install Refinitiv Workspace on your desktop aswell as Refintiv Workspace Web Access.


Learn how to navigate Refinitiv Workspace for Stduents 


Learn how to get more out of the search capabilities in Refinitiv Workspace when accessed in the Web environment.


Learn about Layouts in Refinitiv Workspace when accessed in the Web environment. 


Learn about Settings in Refinitiv Workspace when accessed in the Web environment. 


Learn how to use the Chart App in Refinitiv Workspace which includes key analytical tools. This course includes:

  • The Chart App Overview
  • Introducing the Chart App
  • Using the toolbar
  • Adding Additional Instruments and Customizing the Chart

Learn how to use the Formula Builder to retrieve real-time, fundamental and historical data into Excel.


The self registration portal is a tool that allows users to submit requests for Refinitiv products. With Self Registration users can request a license for Refinitiv Workspace with little or no intervention from the administrator.


License Management is the self-serve tool that allows you to manage your users and products via My Refinitiv.


Single Sign-On or SSO is an authentication process that allows users to access multiple applications by logging in only once with a single set of login credentials .

Refinitiv Workspace for Students - Quickstart Guide .

MyRefinitiv License Management - Quick Reference Guide .

MyRefinitiv License Management - Bulk User Creation Guide .