Getting Started with FXT: Setup and Navigation

FX Trading is an innovative new desktop platform designed to deliver the value of the entire FX offering to the global professional FX community. The application delivers access to superior FX liquidity and multiple venues for spot, FX swaps, NDFs and options through a single platform and interface. Watch this video to learn the basics about the new FX Trading platform.

Identity Compliance (TRIC) - (2:00)

MiFID II regulations require that Refinitiv collect personal identifiable information (PII) from users who wish to trade on the MTF. This setup is undertaken via the Identity Compliance Portal, which is a secure portal that is restricted and encrypted using database provided encryption. In this collection of 3 short videos the FX community can explore:

  • Invite Email & login process
  • Trader User- registration process
  • MTF Group Administrator role
The Aggregator: An Overview

This video will give you an overview of some of the key feature of the Aggregator.

The Aggregator- Montage Overview

This video provides an overview of the Montage feature within the Aggregator.

FXall in Eikon

Learn how to request quotes from your relationship banks and initiate trades using Eikon. Access to the FXall Quicktrade App is restricted to FXall customers.

FXall in Eikon: Setup and Trade Analysis

Learn how to tailor the FXall components to meet your requirements and how to analyze the trade history. Access to the FXall Quicktrade App is restricted to FXall customers.

View Top of Book for Currency Pairs

Power Tip: Learn how to use the FX Top of Book (TOB). It provides the best available bid/ask quotes for spot and forwards for the chosen currency pairs from designated sources.

REDI: Getting Started

This module includes the following topics:

  • Installation [4:19]
  • Workspaces [2:53]
  • Defaults [2:16]
  • Hotkeys [3:27]
  • Linking [2:51]

This module includes the following topics:

  • Introduction [4:04]
  • Execution Capabilities [10:40]
  • Management Capabilities [6:22]
  • Workflow Capabilities for the Middle Office [8:20]
  • Advanced Trading Tools [9:24]
REDI: Global Reach

Watch this short video to see how to trade multiple regions and asset classes from a single log in.

REDI: Spread Trader

This module includes the following topics:

  • Spread Trader Blotter & Risk Controls (2:38)
  • Creating New Spreads (8:23)
  • Executing & Managing a Spread (3:34)
REDI & Eikon Integration: Part I

Watch this video to learn how REDI has been enhanced with Eikon content, specifically Eikon Messenger and IOIs

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