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Refinitiv Messenger

Find training on Refinitiv Messenger here. Topics include Getting started, using Messenger and more. 



Learn about the key Refinitiv Messenger features including adding contacts, creating groups, bilateral chats, setting alerts and more.


Use the Refinitiv Policy Management tool to lock down your users to a Bilateral Enforcement Policy by blocking access to all Multilateral Managed Chat Rooms.


Hosted on Refinitiv Messenger, the forums allow you to chat, post questions, debate and exchange ideas directly with Reuters journalists, industry contacts and peers at leading global companies.


Learn how to create and manage persistent topic-based chat rooms that can be accessed by Refinitiv Messenger users. Note: Chat room management is via the Refinitiv Messenger Compliance Administration Portal. Only users with specific Chat Room Organizer entitlements can manage chat rooms within this environment.


Users of Refinitiv Messenger, both on the standalone version and through the Refinitiv Eikon financial desktop, can now initiate bilateral chats in which access is systematically restricted to a maximum of two organizations.

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